Short vowel stories

Short vowel stories – Learn to read

Understanding how words are formed requires the ability to hear and distinguish vowel sounds from consonant sounds. Every word in the English language should contain a vowel sound, and every syllable within a word must also contain a vowel sound. This knowledge is essential for developing our phonemic awareness and phonics knowledge as we learn to read and spell words.

The English (UK) language has 20 vowel sounds, which are usually (in the UK Education System) divided into two main categories based on sound quality:

‘Short’ vowel sounds, such as /e,(e)/ in me, pea, and tree, cannot be held onto without becoming distorted due to the short duration of the sound being made.

Because of the length of their pronunciation, ‘long’ vowel sounds, such as the /oi,(I)/ sound found in the words boy, coin, and buoy, can often be held without distorting their sound.