Simple sentence reading kindergarten grade 1

Simple sentence reading kindergarten grade 1

There is no more exciting period for your kid to flourish as a young reader than grades 1 and 2. All of their early reading abilities, such as sight words and phonemic awareness, are coming together. And they’re ready to make a major jump in terms of reading!

1. Put the Funny First

Before all other qualities, kids prioritize comedy in books.

2. Play Word Games

The secret to maintaining reading interest is to read for pleasure. Consider words to be like toys when you’re playing.

3. Act as a role model for reading

By reading with you, your child will develop tremendously.

Spend time reading and alternate reading aloud to one another. When you read, demonstrate reading fluency, and provide your child the proper amount of assistance when it’s their turn.

4. Align to your kid’s heart

When it comes to embarking on a reading journey, your child’s interests should always lead the way.

Whatever their interests, whether they are dinosaurs, bugs, or baseball  find books about certain subjects, and you may raise the reading level greatly because of the readers’ enthusiasm in the material.

5. Assist them in visualizing (Book)

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, it may also aid your youngster in understanding those words.

Encourage your youngster to look for significance in a book’s illustrations. “Taking some time to examine the drawings with your youngster can help them develop their picture-reading abilities. This is an important understanding ability.