Why and how to train kids right brain ?

Why specifically right brain development is important in kids ?

It has been found and referred frequently that the right side of a child’s brain develops fastest from birth up to six years of age. It is during this crucial period that right brain training is at its most effective. Therefore, it is important to expose kids to quality stimuli early on.

What is the right side of the brain responsible for ?

The right side of the brain is particularly responsible for creativity , intelligence , photographic memory and emotional intelligence to mention a few.

What happens when we expose kids to quality stimuli before the age of 6 ?

  • Helps kid to relate to a problem duly
  • Come up with unique logical solutions
  • Take into consideration others emotions
  • Thinks creatively
How to train the right brain ?
Visual Memory activities :  Activities that involve kids looking at and remembering images ( refer the image below )  comprising of different shapes and colors quickly and replicating them. You can access a whole bunch of worksheets here for free.



Flash cards : Flash cards are a great resource to stimuli the right side of the brain. These cards contain a small amount of information, held up for children to see, as an aid to learning. As the word “Flash” suggests parents and teacher can flash these colorful cards and ask the kid to answer the object printed which enhances visual memory and correlating abilities.


Solving Latin squares : Teaching children to solve latin squares actually stimulates many skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and how to read a chart. Solving a latin square problem requires critical thinking and strategy formation. You can refer here a whole lot of latin square worksheets for free



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