Halloween masks for kids Free PDF printable

Halloween masks for kids Free PDF printable

Do you need printable Halloween masks? These black cat, vampire, sugar skull, Frankenstein, and Jack-O-Lantern masks are perfect for a costume or a craft for you and your small ones.

Variants: one that is ready to use and one that your children may paint themselves.

First, there are the print and use masks, which are ideal for finishing off a homemade costume, handing out as party favours at a Halloween party, or handing out as treats on this eerie night.

Then there are the print and colour masks, which are ideal for a school Halloween party or for playing at home with pals. Simply provide coloured pencils, markers, crayons, glitter, beads, feathers, or whatever else for your children to adorn their favourite mask with.

This version may also be used as a template for making your own masks out of materials such as felt or fabric.

What Do You Require?
Printable masks are provided at the bottom of this page. Click the DOWNLOAD button the get the PDF file for FREE
Heavyweight paper or card stock
Craft knife or hole punch (to cut holes)

How to Create Masks ?
Print the masks that you like most. If you chose the print and colour option, let your children decorate them.

Then, have your children cut the masks with scissors and make the eyes using a 1-inch hole punch and the side flaps with a normal hole punch.

If you don’t have a hole punch, a craft knife or scissors will suffice. However, this step should only be attempted by adults because it might be difficult.